All about trailing Petunias


Trailing Petunias are another popular summer bedding plant.  Trailing Petunias produce masses of flowers all summer long so are perfect for adding colour to your summer garden.



Trailing Petunias are ideal in hanging baskets and patio containers.  To fill a 12″ or 30cm hanging basket we would recommend using 4 or 5 plug plants.  You can read our step by step guide to planting a hanging basket here.  Trailing Petunias can also be planted in garden borders for ground coverage.  Plant them 12″/30cm to 18″/45cm apart.  Our trailing Petunias have striking flowers.  We love the deep velvet flowers of Back to Black.  Or why not try Pink Ice Variegated with its beautiful pink flowers and variegated leaves.

From left to right, top row: Back to Black, Banoffee Pie, Candy Wheels. Bottom row: Pink Ice Variegated, Pink Star

From left to right, top row: Back to Black, Banoffee Pie, Candy Wheels. Bottom row: Pink Ice Variegated, Pink Star

Surfinia® is the brand name given to a particular range of trailing Petunias.  The Surfinia® range has been specifically bred to produce strong branching plants that are vigorous trailers which produce masses of flowers.  They have good weather tolerance and a long flowering period.  Surfinias® are a great value plant as they grow rapidly and a few plants can fill a hanging basket.  To fill a 12″ or 30cm hanging basket we would recommend using 3 or 4 Surfinia plugs to create a lovely display.  Because they are so vigorous, if you are planting Surfinias® in a mixed basket plant them with other vigorous trailers such as giant Fucshias, Lobelia and Helichrysum, so that they don’t dominate the basket.  The Surfinia® range is available in a wide range of colours and so is ideal for any colour scheme!

An amazing display of Surfinias®

An amazing display of Surfinias®

Tumbelina® is a range of trailing Petunias with stunning double flowers.  Plant them in hanging baskets as you would with trailing Petunias.  Tumbelinas® are avilable in a range of pretty colours.  Look out for Belinda, Melissa and Priscilla which have lovely scented flowers.


From left to right: Tumbelina® Clara, Tumbelina® Priscilla, Tumbelina® Susanna

We also stock a range of trailing Petunias with mini double flowers about the size of a ten pence piece.  The Mini-Me® range is not as vigorous as full size Petunias so we would recommend planting 5 in a 12″ or 30cm hanging basket.


From left to right: Mini-Me® Double Purple Picotee, Mini-Me® Pink, Mini-Me® Soft Pink

For more advice on growing trailing Petunias from plug plants, have a read of our guide.  When your trailing Petunias are ready to plant in the garden, they prefer a position in full sun or partial shade.  They will need feeding weekly whilst in flower, with a good quality all purpose feed such as Miracle Gro, and they must not be allowed to dry out!  It is best to water in the mornings or evenings instead of when the sun is at its strongest, to avoid scorching the leaves.  Remove faded flowers to keep your display looking at its best.

All of our Petunia plants can be found here.

For all other plant varieties, you can checkout our plug plants page.

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  1. Johan Gielis

    Dear Sir, Madam,

    We are looking to buy up to 100 plants of Petunia Pink Ice, urgently.
    Do you have those in stock or can you help us find them in garden centers in the UK?


    Johan Gielis

    1. Babyplants Post author

      Hello Johan,

      We stock Pink Ice every year, so check our website in the spring for prices and delivery options,


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