Our Favourite Sites

Here at the babyplants blog, we try and keep a nice collection of our favourite sites from around the web, helpful with plug plants, and general gardening, as well as some specific varieties of interest, such as Fuchsias, Geraniums and Petunias.

Debbys Garden Links:

Find them here: http://www.debbysgardenlinks.co.uk/index.htm

Find That Fuchsia (Helpful Tool):

Find it here: http://www.findthatfuchsia.info/index.htm

Fuchsia Magic has some great photos:

Find them here: http://www.fuchsiamagic.com

Cottage Firewood

Really high quality seasoned fire wood delivered throughout the midlands: http://www.cottagefirewood.co.uk/

The Salford and Bolton Fuchsia Society


We cannot actively condone the content of other websites, but when we last visited them, these were really great and useful sites.

Now you can head over to Babyplants.co.uk for our full range of plugs, or checkout our mini plug plant section for the small started varieties.

Alternatively, browse around the blog for some more interesting articles.

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