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Geraniums – New for 2014!

new-geranium-thumbnailWe have 4 exciting new additions to our Geranium range for 2014!

Global Merlot is a trailing Geranium with double flowers, in a beautiful deep colour.  Gerainbow™ Magenta is a new addition to the popular Gerainbow™ range of trailing Geraniums with single flowers.  These trailing Geraniums will be ideal in hanging baskets or window boxes, where they will provide cascades of colour.

From left to right: Global Merlot, Gerainbow™ Magenta

From left to right: Global Merlot, Gerainbow™ Magenta

Rosita is a new upright Geranium with lovely pink flowers.  Maestro™ Cherry is a new addition to the Maestro™ range of upright Geraniums.  It has vivid deep pink/red flowers.  These upright Geraniums will be perfect in patio containers or garden borders.

From left to right: Rosita, Maestro™ Cherry

From left to right: Rosita, Maestro™ Cherry

For more information on growing Geraniums, have a read our our guide.

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All about Geraniums


Geraniums are a popular summer bedding plant available in upright, trailing and climbing varieties.  Geraniums are Mediterranean plants, so the more sun they receive, the more they flower!



Trailing varieties look fantastic in hanging baskets or window boxes.  To fill a 12″ or 30cm hanging basket with trailing Geraniums we would recommend using 4 plug plants.  For more advice on planting hanging baskets, have a read of our step by step guide.  We sell a range of trailing Geraniums with single or double flowers.  The Gerainbow™ range have single flowers and are available in a range of vibrant colours.  To add interest to your planting you could try Evka with single red flowers and variegated leaves.


From left to right: Gerainbow™ Neon, Gerainbow™ White, Evka

If you prefer double flowers then look out for the Sybil range of trailing Geraniums.  These have beautiful ‘rosebud’ double flowers and are available in blue, pink, purple, red and white pearl.


From left to right: Sybil Pink, Sybil Purple, Sybil White Pearl

Upright Geraniums are ideal for patio containers or garden beds and borders.  To fill a 12″ or 30cm patio container we would recommend planting 3 upright Geranium plugs, which will give the appearance of one large plant.  Alternatively, use an upright Geranium as a centrepiece in mixed hanging baskets.  Upright Geraniums are available in a wide range of colours.  Octavia Hill is a classic scarlet Geranium, or try the Maestro™ range have large flowers in striking colours.


From left to right: Maestro™ Salmon, Octavia Hill

Also have a look at the Flower Fairy™ range in complementing shades of pink and rose.


From left to right: Flower Fairy™ Berry, Flower Fairy™ Rose, Flower Fairy™ White Splash

For those gardeners looking for something a bit different, we have a range of ‘fancy leaf’ Geraniums.  These upright Geraniums will add interest to your planting.  Caroline Schmidt and Frank Headley are varieties of Fancy Leaf Pelgardini® with variegated leaves and striking flowers.  The Angel Eyes range are compact plants with frilly leaves and bi-coloured flowers.

From left to right: Pelgardini® Caroline Schmidt, Pelgardini® Frank Headley, Angel Eyes Bicolour

From left to right: Pelgardini® Caroline Schmidt, Pelgardini® Frank Headley, Angel Eyes Bicolour

Climbing Geraniums can be used to create striking flower pyramids or towers.  Planting them in March will give you a small tower over the summer months.  If you have a heated greenhouse then you could overwinter these Geraniums to grow a tower of up to 2m in height!  Antik Scarlet is perfect for this!


Flower towers created with climbing Geraniums


For more information on what to do with your plug plants when they arrive, have a read through our guide.  When your plug plants are ready to plant in the garden, Geraniums prefer a sunny spot as this will encourage flowering.  Your Geraniums will need feeding weekly whilst flowering with a multipurpose feed such as Miracle Gro.  As mentioned above, Geraniums are Mediterranean plants.  They can tolerate dry conditions so be very careful not to overwater them.  However don’t let them dry out completely!  It is best to water in the mornings or evenings, instead of when the sun is at its strongest, to avoid scorching the leaves.  With a little care, your Geraniums will provide beautiful flowers throughout the whole summer!

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Focus on Geraniums: Blue Wonder

Each week we are going to discuss some of our favourite plug plants.  This blog post is dedicated to a type of upright Geranium called Blue Wonder.


Blue Wonder is a Zonal Geranium with lilac coloured double flowers.  The leaves are green with a darker ‘ring or zone’ on them.  Blue Wonder is a strong grower and will produce a bushy plant up to 50cm high.  Upright Geraniums look great in patio tubs or the garden, and can also be used as a centre-piece for hanging baskets.  Try them in mixed baskets or tubs, or plant 3 together in a 12” or 30cm tub to give the appearance of one large plant.

Geraniums are Mediterranean plants so they prefer a sunny spot in the garden.  The more sun they receive, the more flowers they will produce!  Geraniums are tolerant of dry conditions so be careful not to overwater them!

Blue Wonder may not be one of the most common varieties of Geranium, but we love its lilac flowers for adding something a bit different to your garden!  Why not give them a try this year?



You can buy these beautiful Geraniums here: Geranium Blue Wonder

Happy planting!