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Plug plants are the perfect gardeners choice, and here at Babyplants we have a great range for you to browse including Fuchsias, Geraniums and Petunias, as well as mini plugs including Lobelia and Beongias, all available for collection from our UK garden centre.  Our plugs are available in trailing and upright varieties in a wide range of colours.  If you are spoilt for choice, have a read of our article on Our Best Selling Plug Plants.

You can browse online, and collect them by shopping in store.

Jumbo Plug Plant Categories

Choose from our varieties of jumbo plugs below:

All of our jumbo plugs are grown from cuttings.  These plugs have a 3.5cm rootball and are available to purchase individually, or in packs of 6 (5 for upright Geraniums).  Each jumbo plug comes with a FREE matching colour label so that your plugs are easily identifiable.

Mini Plug Plants

Mini-plugs are small plants grown from seed.  Our mini-plugs have a rootball of approximately 1.5cm.  Some mini-plugs are very tiny varieties produced only for mail order, but our mini-plugs are the same plugs as used by professional nurseries.  Because of their smaller size, mini-plugs are extremely cost effective.  They are the perfect choice if you need a large number of bedding plants for your summer planting.  Our mini-plugs are available to purchase in packs of 50 or 100 mini-plugs.  Each pack of mini-plugs comes with a FREE matching colour label.  For more info, see our blog post on what are mini plug plants?

Benefits of Using Plug Plants

Plug plants are a popular choice for many gardeners, as they are the ideal middle ground between growing plants from seed and buying fully established plants.  Whilst buying seeds may be cheaper, they can be difficult to establish and take a lot of time and effort to grow on.  Growing plants from cuttings can also be tricky and time consuming.  Plug plants are easy to grow and care for.  By choosing plug plants you are getting sturdy, little plants that have already undergone the early growing stages.  Plug plants are better value for money than buying fully established plants.  For example, in our pack of 6 Surfinia® plugs the price works out at 99p per plug.  If you were to buy a fully established Surfinia® in a 10cm pot you would likely pay upwards of £2.99.  Our mini-plugs are also excellent value, with prices starting at just 9p per mini-plug!  Choosing plug plants rather than fully established plants also gives you a wider range of plants to choose from.  We have over 200 varieties of jumbo plugs and 40 varieties of mini-plugs available to purchase online.  Most garden centres do not stock such a wide range of fully established bedding plants.  You can check out what plug plants are here.

Potting On

As mentioned above, plug plants are generally easy to grow.  Jumbo plugs should be planted into 9cm pots and grown on in a heated greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill.  They could also be planted straight into hanging baskets, flower pouches or patio containers so long as they were kept in a heated greenhouse.  Mini-plugs should be pricked out into small 5cm pots or into seed trays with inserts.  For more information have a read of our guide on how to grow plug plants.

At present we stock summer bedding plug plants.  We are hoping to expand our range later in the season with perennial plug plants, vegetable plug plants and herb plug plants available to purchase online.


We are ideally situated for you to collect your plug plants in our nursery, and pride ourselves on our prime location, just off the M69 at Leicester. We serve much of the country from here, being very close to cities like Nottingham, Birmingham, and Northampton.

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