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Mini-plugs are small plants grown from seed.  Our mini-plugs have a rootball of approximately 1.5cm compared to the 3cm rootball of our jumbo plugs.  Some mini-plugs are extremely tiny plugs produced only for mail order, but our mini-plugs are the same plugs as used by professional nurseries.  Because of their smaller size, mini-plugs are extremely cost effective.  They are the perfect choice if you need a large number of bedding plants for your summer planting.


Mini-plug growing instructions

Your mini-plugs will need pricking out into small 5cm pots or seed trays with inserts.  Grow the plugs on in a heated greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill.  They need to be kept at a minimum temperature of 7 degrees celsius.  When the plugs are in the early growing stages, we recommend keeping them quite dry to encourage root growth.  However it is very important not to let them dry out completely!  The compost should be kept moist, not waterlogged, but also not dry and dusty.  Once the risk of frost has passed your plants can be planted out in the garden.


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