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10 Brand New Varieties for 2016!

We are pleased to announce that we have 10 brand new varieties for 2016!

bacopa-double-lavenderBacopa Double Lavender has lovely pale purple double flowers on a backdrop of green foliage. Bacopa spreads as well as trails, giving you full hanging baskets and containers from just 5 plug plants.




fuchsia-pink-fizz1Fuchsia Climbing Pink Fizz can reach a height of 5-6 feet and makes a stunning display of flowers with red sepals and cerise corolla.




Amy is a new variety of trailing double geranium with gorgeous cerise double flowers. Geranium Double Trailing Polly is another new variety with lovely red double flowers.

geranium-amy  geranium-polly




We have three new varieties of Upright Geranium – Appleblossom, Chocolate Rose and Chocolate Salmon. This stunning new range has large double flowers. These would make a great centrepiece to pots and containers or plant 3 plugs together to give the appearance of one large plant.

geranium-appleblossom geranium-chocolate-rose geranium-chocolate-salmon





petunia-giant-dijonPetunia Trailing Giant Dijon has large mustard yellow flowers. For stunning results plant with Petunia Trailing Back to Black.




petunia-damson-ripplePetunia Double Tumbelina® Damson Ripple has beautiful purple and white rippled double flowers. The Tumbelina® range looks great when planted in baskets of single flowers. Create lovely full hanging baskets with just 3 plug plants.



bidens-taka-tukaBidens Taka Tuka has gorgeous lemon yellow flowers on a backdrop of soft, green foliage. Bidens can be a very vigorous grower so is best planted with other vigorous growers such as Surfinias®, trailing Geraniums or giant Fuchsias to prevent it from dominating a basket or container.


Browse the full range here. Available to pre order now for Spring delivery.

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