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Fuchsia Hanging Basket Ideas

There are several great options for creating a Fuchsia hanging basket using plug plants.

A mixture of varieties can be planted in one basket. An upright fuchsia in the centre with 3 or 4 trailing fuchsia varieties around the outside (we recommend a 14″ / 35cm basket).  The outside ones can be one variety or a mixture.  If planting mixed varieties try to choose ones that grow to a similar size so that the basket remains balanced looking (refer to the label of your plug plants).

Another mixed technique is to plant 3 Fuchsia plug plants, 2″ / 5cm apart, in the middle of a 12″ / 30cm basket. This will encourage them to grow into each other, creating a totally mixed effect!

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My favourite way to plant a fuchsia basket, is to use one variety per basket (4 plants in a 12″ / 30cm basket and 5 in a 14″ / 35cm basket).  One plant should go in the centre, and the rest around the outside, in between the chains or basket hangers.  When choosing a variety, stick to the trailing or Giant trailing varieties for the best effect.  Varieties such as Voodoo, Annabelle, Swingtime, Eva Boerg etc, all grow upwards at first, then hang down, creating a fountain of colour.  Also consider small flowering varieties such as the very popular La Campanella.

All Fuchsia baskets are ideal in part sun / part shade as they don’t like to dry out.  If placing them in a full sun location the basket may need watering twice a day.  Its well worth adding water retaining crystals or gel to the multi-purpose compost, along with a controlled release plant food. Alternatively use a good quality hanging basket compost.  By doing these simple things you should have a basket full of colour all summer long!

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Happy Planting!

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