All Weather Garden Furniture

Durable outdoor furniture to survive the weather

We have a fantastic range of all weather garden furniture for you to choose from, including durable composite furniture, benches, dining sets and sofas. We also have UV stabilised rattan furniture, with aluminium frames to prevent rust. We also stock Winawood furniture, a new composite material made from compressed polystyrene, that looks and feels like wood but doesn't rot, warp or go brittle. Our sister site, Garden Centre Shopping stocks our full range of all weather garden furniture online here.

All Weather Furniture

All Weather Winawood

Winawood furniture is a fairly new type, becoming more popular as we move into 2017, with many different reviews stating it's durability, and quality of build. You can learn more about it, including how to buy Winawood online here.

Weatherproof Rattan

If you're interested in a modern looking set of rattan furniture, then you must choose the synethetic variety, that's been hand woven around a strong aluminium frame. This frame cannot rust, and so can survive outside in the snow and ice. Also the threads have been UV stabilised, preventing any sun damage from UV rays, and ensuring this furniture will not fade, rot, or go brittle either. The perfect option for a modern garden, as it usually comes in darker colours such as grey, black and brown rattan. However there is a brand called Cozy Bay, that seems to stock golden coloured hairy rattan, a very authentic looking product. You can purchase our rattan furniture here.

Reclining Furniture

If you're interested in learning more about click here.