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Focus on Surfinias: Hot Salmon

Surfinias are a variety of trailing petunia. They are an extremely popular summer bedding plant that are ideal in hanging baskets and patio containers. Surfinias are vigorous trailers which produce masses of large flowers. They are available in a wide range of colours ranging from pastels to deep, rich colours. We love the vibrant Hot Salmon Surfinia:

Surfinia Hot Salmon Plug PlantTry planting 3 Hot Salmon plug plants in a 30cm hanging basket for a wonderful display of bright colour all summer long. When planting Surfinias in a mixed basket, plant them with other vigorous trailers such as Giant Fuchsias or Helichrysum, to prevent the Surfinias from dominating the basket.

In the garden, Surfinias prefer a sunny spot. Feed them weekly throughout the summer and do not allow them to dry out.


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Happy planting!

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