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All about Fuchsias


Here at babyplants we love Fuchsias!  We sell a wide range of Fuchsia plug plants including trailing Fuchsias, giant Fuchsias, upright Fuchsias and hardy Fuchsias.  Whilst Fuchsias are commonly associated with pink flowers, in actual fact Fuchsia flowers range from white and pastel colours, to pink, orange, red and deep purple.  Whether you are planting hanging baskets, patio containers or garden borders, there is a perfect Fuchsia for you.  With so much variety to choose from it’s not surprising that so many gardeners are Fuchsia fans!

Trailing Fuchsias are ideal for hanging baskets.  Plant them in baskets of  single varieties, or incorporate them into mixed hanging baskets.  To fill a 12″ or 30cm hanging basket we would recommend using 5 trailing Fuchsia plugs or 3 giant Fuchsia plugs.  For more advice read our step by step guide to planting hanging baskets.  Some trailing Fuchsias have single flowers like Autumnale, whilst some have semi-double or double flowers such as Swingtime.  Or try Eruption for a mass of long and slender bright pink flowers.

From left to right: Trailing Fuchsia Autumnale, Trailing Fuchsia Swingtime, Trailing Fuchsia Eruption

Giant Fuchsias have large fully double flowers that make a stunning show in hanging baskets.  Hang your basket above head height to fully appreciate these beautiful flowers.  Look out for the stunning White King, or the lovely Deep Purple.  Giant Fuchsias are vigorous trailers so if you are incorporating them into a mixed hanging basket, plant them with other vigorous trailers such as Surfinias®, Helichrysum, or Lobelia. 

From left to right: Giant Fuchsia White King, Giant Fuchsia Peachy, Giant Fuchsia Deep Purple

Upright Fuchsias are perfect for patio containers.  They grow into strong bushy plants with masses of colourful blooms. Plant 3 Fuchsia plugs in a large patio container to give the appearance of one large plant, or use 1 plant in a mixed patio container.  Upright Fuchsias also make a lovely centrepiece in mixed hanging baskets.  For something a little bit different try Thalia, a lovely upright variety with tubular orange flowers and dark foliage.  Some upright varieties are hardy which makes them ideal for planting in garden beds and borders.  Delta’s Sarah has beautiful blue/purple flowers, whilst Hawkshead’s flowers are white.  Ideal for adding interest to your garden borders!

From left to right: Upright Fuchsia Thalia, Upright Hardy Fuchsia Delta’s Sarah, Upright Hardy Fuchsia Hawkshead


If you would like more information on growing plug plants, have a read of our guide. As your Fuchsia plugs are growing they can be ‘pinched out’.  Leave your plug plant to grow until it has 4 pairs of leaves, then remove the top pair.  Following this technique will ensure a bushier plant.  We would recommend pinching out until March/April time.  If you continue to pinch out after this time you could delay the flowering period of your Fuchsias.

Once the frosts have passed your Fuchsia plugs will be ready to plant out into the garden.  Fuchsias prefer a position in full sun or part shade.  Fuchsias need feeding weekly whilst flowering.  We recommend using an all purpose feed such as Miracle Gro.  Your plants must not be allowed to dry out, but be cautious of overwatering!  It is always best to water early in the morning or late evenings instead of when the sun is at its strongest, to avoid scorching the leaves.  Remove faded blooms before they go to seed to encourage new flower growth.

Once the summer is over, if you want to try and keep your Fuchsias for the following year, the plant should be cut down to approx 6″ (15cm) high.  Hardy varieties planted in the garden should have a mulch (well rotted compost, grass cuttings, bark etc) put around the top of the soil for added protection.  Non-hardy varieties need to be potted up and kept in a frost free greenhouse for winter.  They will need a little water during winter, just to keep the soil slightly damp.  The following spring they should regrow from the base.  Even with the best care, only 70-80% may survive in the greenhouse.  For hardy types the survival rates depend on the varieties.

You can our full range of fuchsia plants here.

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