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Beautiful Bacopa!

The Bacopa family of plants are some of the most popular summer basket plants.  In this blog post we will outline why we love them!






Bacopa has little upright growth but provides lovely trails of growth covered in flowers.  Unlike trailers such as Nepeta, which produce long downward trails, Bacopa’s trailing growth is spreading, so it forms more coverage than just vertical hanging growth.

The varieties in the photo below are all available to purchase at

From left to right, top row: Bacopa Golden Leaf, Bacopa Gulliver Dynamic White, Bacopa Snowflake, Bacopa Yellow Mecadonia. Bottom row: Bacopa Gulliver Lilac, Bacopa Great Purple, Bacopa Great Pink, Bacopa Great Pink Eye


Bacopa Snowflake is a firm favourite with our customers.  But we also love Bacopa Gulliver Dynamic White, whose flowers are larger than Snowflake.  Or why not try Bacopa Golden Leaf for its pretty white flowers and interesting green-gold foliage, to provide contrast in your baskets.  Bacopa Gulliver Lilac and Great Pink add lovely pastel colours to your displays, whilst Yellow Mecadonia provides more vibrant blooms.

Bacopa makes an amazing display in hanging baskets.  To fill a 12″ or 30cm hanging basket we would recommend using 4-5 Bacopa plugs.  Plant them in a mixed basket to add colour and texture, or fill a basket with different coloured Bacopa plugs to create an amazing effect, as seen in the photo below.

A gorgeous display of mixed Bacopa plants growing in a wall basket!

In the garden, Bacopa prefers a position in full sun or partial shade.  The plants need feeding weekly when they are in flower.  Water them regularly and don’t let them dry out.

 If you have any photographs of your beautiful Bacopa we would love to see them!

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Happy planting!

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