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Focus on Geraniums: Blue Wonder

Each week we are going to discuss some of our favourite plug plants.  This blog post is dedicated to a type of upright Geranium called Blue Wonder.


Blue Wonder is a Zonal Geranium with lilac coloured double flowers.  The leaves are green with a darker ‘ring or zone’ on them.  Blue Wonder is a strong grower and will produce a bushy plant up to 50cm high.  Upright Geraniums look great in patio tubs or the garden, and can also be used as a centre-piece for hanging baskets.  Try them in mixed baskets or tubs, or plant 3 together in a 12” or 30cm tub to give the appearance of one large plant.

Geraniums are Mediterranean plants so they prefer a sunny spot in the garden.  The more sun they receive, the more flowers they will produce!  Geraniums are tolerant of dry conditions so be careful not to overwater them!

Blue Wonder may not be one of the most common varieties of Geranium, but we love its lilac flowers for adding something a bit different to your garden!  Why not give them a try this year?



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Happy planting!

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