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Hanging Basket and Patio Container Inspiration

There are lots of different looks you can create with hanging baskets, patio containers and window boxes.  Hopefully this blog post will inspire you to get planting!

This blog post looks at how to create wonderful displays in your garden, using plug plants in you hanging baskets and containers. For more info on plug plants, you can read this helpful blog post: What are Plug Plants and why should you use them?

N06381_Fuchsia Pink GaloreGetting Started

To create a ‘mixed’ basket or tub, we recommend using an upright plant in the centre of the basket or tub, surrounded by trailing varieties.  To fill a 12” or 30cm hanging basket or tub, we recommend using between 3 and 5 plug plants, depending on the variety.  Good upright varieties for centerpieces include: Upright Geraniums, Upright Fuchsias, Nemesia or Variegated Felicia.  You could also create striking tubs by focusing on one upright variety.  For example, Diascia is a lovely patio plant that creates a lovely dome shape of colour when planted together in a tub.  Plant 3 or 5 plugs in a 12” or 30cm tub to achieve this effect.

From left to right: Diascias planted in bowls, an Upright Geranium planted in a tub.

Good trailing varieties for hanging baskets and tubs include flowering plants such as: Trailing Fuchsias, Trailing Petunias, Surfinias, Million Bells, Bacopa, Verbena and Trailing Geraniums.  It is also a good idea to use non-flowering varieties such as: Helichrysum and Nepeta.  These plants help to add colour and texture to your arrangement, and provide contrast for bright blooms.  Some trailing varieties including Helichrysum, Surfinias and Giant Fuchsias are vigorous growers so if you use them in your basket, balance them with other vigorous plants to prevent one plant from dominating the basket.

A lovely selection of mixed hanging baskets.

You can also create some wonderful effects by focusing on one type of plant for your arrangement.  Why not try planting 3 Giant Fuchsia plugs in a 12” or 30cm hanging basket to create an amazing display.  Hang the basket above head height to fully appreciate the flowers.  You can also try this with Trailing Petunias, Surfinias, Million Bells, Verbena or Trailing Geraniums to create a wonderful ‘ball’ of colour.

Top row left to right: Petunia Mini Famous Double Amethyst, Trailing Geraniums, Trailing Fuschias.
Bottom row: Surfinias


We hope this blog post has given you some good ideas for your own displays, send us your photos, we’d love to see them!

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Happy planting!

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