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Step-By-Step Guide To Planting A Hanging Basket

This blog post is going to give you full instructions for planting amazing hanging baskets.

Mini Famous Calibrachoa Double Amethyst





There are lots of hanging baskets available in different sizes and shapes.  This guide is based on using a 12” or 30cm hanging basket.


  1. Firstly, if you are using a hanging basket with an integrated plastic liner, it is very important to pierce several holes in the liner.  This is important to allow drainage and prevent the plants from becoming waterlogged.  If you are using a hanging basket with a coco liner or moss liner, you can skip this step.
  2. Secondly, fill your basket with good quality multipurpose compost.  After several years of research, our favourite is Miracle-Gro Multipurpose Compost.  You can read more about it here.  Miracle-Gro compost contains slow release plant feed, so there’s no need to add additional feed at this stage.  If you’re chosen compost does not include plant feed, we recommend adding a slow-release granular feed.  You can also add water-retaining granules at this stage, to cut down the need to water during the summer.  Ensure that any feed or water-retaining granules are mixed into the compost.
  3. Select the plugs you want to use for your basket.  Get some ideas here from our ‘hanging basket inspiration’ blog.  For a 12” or 30cm we recommend using between 3 and 5 plug plants, depending on the variety.  For example, Surfinias and Giant Fuchsias are vigorous trailers so you would only need to use 3 plugs.  If you are using more compact plants such as Mini Double Petunias or Million Bells you may need to use up to 5 plugs.
  4. Make a small hole and insert your plug plants.  If you are planting a mixed basket, we recommend using an upright variety in the centre of the basket, surrounded by trailing varieties around the edge of the basket.  Push the plug plants into the compost and tuck them in!
  5. You should now have a beautiful, original basket.  Keep the basket in a greenhouse or other warm place until the risk of frost has passed, when it can be put out in the garden.  We recommend keeping the basket on the dry side to encourage root growth, but do not let the basket dry out completely!



You can see from these pictures how quickly the plugs will grow.  Plant now, and by the time the summer begins you will have a beautiful display of hanging baskets.

Can’t decide on a variety?  We have a lovely selection of hanging basket collections that you can choose to save you time and money!  Visit: Our Hanging Basket Collections page for more information.

Happy planting!

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